Friday, August 10, 2007

Think I'm Gonna Like It

I reunited with a college friend of mine today. Jake, Kaylee and I had a nice morning at the park with Melinda and her 4 kids. We caught up on old times, talked about mutual friends and discussed a bit of homeschool. I truly think homeschool will be a great thing for our family. I am beginning to get nervous because school, for our family, starts on the 20th..but I keep telling myself, if I taught other people's kids for 8+ years, I can teach my own.

Tell me your schooling opinions...


Christine said...

Funny, how we stress about teaching our own children, when all major public school systems utilize the phrase, "You are your child's best teacher!"

What most newbie homeschoolers forget is that they've been teaching their children already. They are doing the things (everything) they are doing now because someone taught them. Do they brush their teeth, dress themselves, use polite language, put away things in the right way and in the right places, etc.?

You've always been teaching. So, relax. You're just throwing some new subjects into the mix!

Georgia said...

I found you through a friend of a friend or something. You know how it goes with blogs. Anyway, I am wondering how homeschooling is going for you...we are planning on doing the same with our three children. I am including a link to my blog where homeschooling was discussed in great detail. This post started a frenzy and there were about 2 more after this one that had a lot of people upset. Hope this wasn't your experience!

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