Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Control Issues

Have you ever been around someone that has to be in control of everything? No...I mean EVERYTHING! Like they ask, will you help me with this? You ask them how they want it done, you do it just like they say, and then they re-do what you did because, 'Oh, I need it done this way instead'.

This is what I deal with concerning my sister! She has to have it her way. She comes to visit and we have to run on her time schedule, eat where she wants to...or where her kids will eat, do everything like she wants to do...

This week, she was supposed to send her 2 daughters to stay for the week. Great idea! I totally enjoy my nieces without their mother in tow. Well, then it changed to my sister coming the end of the week and the girls only staying for 3 days without their mother...then it changed to my sister and the girls coming all week. All becasue she cannot give me control of those girls for a week (after all, they may learn what a maniac their mother is!)

What will happen, you ask, if we don't let her have control? Basically, all hell breaks loose! We hear things like, "If you would just...", "Why can't you...", "How can you tell me..." and so on. Arguments...huge arguments!

So, I choose to not be around her. I choose to let her come to town and not answer my phone. I choose to ignore her as opposed to fight. I know that this causes a lesser relationship with my nieces, but I just can't deal with their mother!


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